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Gracie Fields Theatre

Oulder Hill Leisure Complex, Hudsons Walk, Rochdale, OL11 5EF
Telephone: Box Office: 0843 208 1835
Updated: 06/02/2020

Heywood Civic Centre

LCpl Stephen Shaw MC Way, Heywood, OL10 1LW
Telephone: Box Office : 0300 303 8633
Updated: 15/09/2020

Langley Theatre Workshops

Burnside Crescent, Langley, Middleton, M24 5NN
Telephone: 0161 643 0581
Updated: 01/09/2020

M6 Theatre Company

Studio Theatre, Hamer CP School, Albert Royds St, Rochdale, OL16 2SU
Telephone: 01706 355898
Updated: 06/02/2020

Middleton Heartline Club

Middleton Arena, Middleton, M24 1AG
Telephone: 0161 728 5060
Updated: 15/09/2020
Area serviced: Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale
Opening times: Wednesdays & Fridays from 10am till 12pm
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