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Stockport Early Intervention Service

Stockport Early Intervention Service logo

The early intervention team is a specialist team who work with young people aged 14-65 who describe having episodes of psychosis or similar experiences.

We work with people to look at the experiences they are having and how it affects them.

Stockport, SK8 2JF
Umbrella org:
Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust
0161 714 4160
Opening times:
Monday to Friday 9.00am till 5.00pm
How to apply:
Self referral, GP, Health or social professional

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Subject Definitions

Early Intervention Teams can support you if you have psychosis for the first time.
This is a psychotic disorder marked by delusions, hallucinations, disordered thinking and speech, inappropriate emotions and/or lack of emotions.
Any of a number of the more severe mental diseases that make you believe things that are not real
Help and support for young people who have, or know someone who has mental health issues.