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Newbarn Ltd

Newbarn Ltd offers individualised support, advice and accomodation for people who have difficulty managing on their own, and have a mental health problem or learning difficulties perhaps exacerbated by alcohol or drug abuse.

Help with budgeting, cooking, shopping, cleaning and other everyday tasks, as well as with keeping doctors' appointments, managing self medication and ensuring good health and safety is provided.

169 Drake Street, Rochdale, OL11 1EF
Area serviced:
Rochdale Borough
01706 345886
Who is it for:
See eligibility on website
How to apply:
Please ring or e-mail direct.

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Subject Definitions

Help, support and guidance for people who are wanting to reach out for extra support within the community.
Services to support those suffering from problems relating to drugs and/or alcohol.
Services providing information and advice about accessing temporary and long term housing.
A group of people who are available to support one another emotionally, socially, and sometimes financially.