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Aspire 2 Inspire Communities

Aiming to empower, educate and encourage community members to break barriers and achieve small milestones.

The founding director, Kalsoom Khanum, has been heavily involved in community projects. During this period it became apparent their was a need for organisations to empower women particluar those from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

The provisions in place in the local regions were not sufficient to cater for the needs of the community particularly in recent times where communties suffered from global and economic problems.
Access and knowledge to provisions was a barrier in ethinically diverse communities. Consultation with the commnity and key stakeholders then led to the decision to formalise and set up the group in 2019.

Walks to local coffee shops are also available. 

1c Regent Street, Rochdale, OL12 0HQ
Area serviced:
Contact name:
Kalsoom Khanum
01706 671 423
Opening times:
Session times 11am – 3pm
Disabled access:

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