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Carers Direct

You can call the Carers Direct Helpline if you need help with your caring role, and want to talk to someone about what options are available to you.

If you are busy at certain times of the day, you can send the Carers Direct helpline a message and ask for an adviser to call you back for free at a time that is convenient for you. The helpline uses language line, a telephone translation and interpreting service that can access over 170 languages.

The helpline can provide information about carers assessments, benefits, direct payments, individual budgets, time off and maintainin, leaving or going back into employment or education. 

The helpline doesn't provide information about personal financial, medical or legal advice and doesn't provide casework, advocacy, representation or counselling.

Webchat is also available (check website for times).

Area serviced:
0300 123 1053
Opening times:
Check website for updated times
Who is it for:

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Subject Definitions

Something that promotes or enhances well-being. A payment made or an entitlement available in accordance with a wage agreement, an insurance policy, or a public assistance program.
Someone who looks after another, either as a job or often through family responsibilities
Information as a concept has many meanings, from everyday usage to technical settings. The concept of information is closely related to notions of constraint, communication, control, data, , instruction, knowledge, meaning, mental stimulus, pattern, perception, and representation
A helpline was originally a telephone service which offers help to those that call. Many helpline services now offer more than telephone support - offering access to information, advice or customer service via telephone, email, web or SMS.